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We Have a New Horse!

~ And He Needs a Name ~

New Horse New PonyThis average-sized, gentle, 16 year old appaloosa came to us just a few days before Thanksgiving. When Jenny hopped on to give him a quick, bareback, walk / trot test ride, he was quiet, willing, and very gentle about placing his feet on the ground. He was donated by a trail riding outfit that could no longer take him in the mountains because he is going blind in both eyes. While his deteriorating eyesight means we will have to take a little extra care of him, he hasn’t let it stop him. He is friendly, willing to go where he’s asked and doesn’t seem to be fearful of things. We look forward to having him on our team next summer! 

Now you know nearly as much as we know about this horse and we need your help naming him! Because we believe names are very important, we like to have ones that in some way reflect the horse’s uniqueness, what BYR does, or that have to do with God. For example: “Snow” because the horse is white and God washes us whiter than snow when we turn our lives over to Him. Or, more simply, the very western name, “Ace.”


Rules for Contest

1 . Any family member may submit as many names as they would like between
January 1st and 22nd, 2016. Please include name meanings if you know them!

2. Submitted names must be clearly labeled with submitter’s name, age and means of contact. 
3. Suggestions can be made via mail, email, comment bar below (press the “Read More” button if you don’t see the comment bar), or Facebook. Please don’t make suggestions over the phone or in person (unless you are handing us a list).
4. Suggestions must be family friendly and appropriate.
From the submitted names, we will take a week to pick out our top three. Then we will post those here, and on Facebook for you to vote on.
They will be up for vote the first week of February (Monday the 1st through Friday the 5th).
Put it on your calendar!

5. Each family member is allowed one vote on the final three.
6. The winner will receive a BYR clothing article of choice!