Jenny Wielenga

Jenny has been the Program Director at BYR since 2014 and was involved from the very beginning as a volunteer in various capacities. During the summers she was one of the first volunteer mentors. In the off seasons she spent a lot of time developing the current programs, the BYR manual, and the policies and procedures for various aspects of the ranch. For more details on how Jenny got involved with BYR, see Our History. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Montana Bible College in Bozeman, MT, a Level 3 Teaching certificate from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in Waverly, WV and has some counseling experience with conflict resolution, self-harm behavior, and suicidal thoughts. She is currently back in school working on a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education through Western Governor’s University Online. Jenny has been riding since she was 14 years old, and even though she loves to work with beginner riders of any age, she has a special place in her heart for teens. She has had a desire to work in this type of ministry since she herself was a teenager and experienced being part of a similar one in Michigan. When Jenny isn’t working at the ranch, she enjoys car camping, contra-dancing, reading, renting forest service cabins (and staying in them), playing the accordion and piano, biking, playing board games and hosting others in her home.