Birthday: 1998     Gender: Mare     Color: Bay Leopard Appaloosa

Dazzle is a stunning appaloosa mare who came to the ranch in 2017. She came from a wonderful family where she had been loved and ridden by a teenage girl in a variety of situations. She is well trained, sensitive, and has one of the smoothest jogs ever put into a horse. Unfortunately she is also fairly arthritic, and is often in some amount of pain. What we love about her is that even though she is in pain she is still willing to do her job to the best of her ability. She isn’t shy about letting us know something hurts, but she is also eager to please and help however she can. How many of us refuse to work, or play, or engage with others hurts because of our own pain (physically or emotionally)? Dazzle doesn’t keep her pain a secret, but she doesn’t let it stop her either. Her persistent courage and desire to give has been a blessing and an encouragement to so many people! Does she sometimes require more care and patience on our end? Yes. Is she still an incredibly valuable and much-loved member of our herd? Definitely!