Birthday: 1999     Gender: Gelding     Color: Leopard Appaloosa

This spotted wonder came to us just before Thanksgiving in 2015. He is partly blind. In spite of his lack of sight, he remains spunky, curious and courageous. His biggest sight challenge is differentiating between the ground and 3D objects that are the same color as the ground. Because of that struggle, he requires that everything around him be pretty obvious and clearly delineated so he can avoid fences or tripping hazards like water troughs. In a world where things continue to grow more “blurry” in regard to right and wrong, this horse is a great reminder of why we need to work hard to help keep the differences clear. Bartimaeus is the only horse at the ranch that we have held a naming contest for. There was so much interest in what we would name him when he arrived that we decided to hold a contest. The name Bartimaeus was finally bestowed on his head in honor of the blind man in the Bible whose sight was restored by Jesus. We have had him for several years now, and while his sight continues to slowly deteriorate, he still seems to love packing kids around in the arena.