Birthday: 1994     Gender: Gelding     Color: Grey (White)

This handsome fella is so named because he reminded one of our mentors of Psalm 51, “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” We wanted him to be a living testimony of what God’s grace can do in a sinner’s life. Unfortunately he seems to take more pleasure in being an example of what some believers do – returning to, and rolling in, the filth they were saved from. Aside from his role (pun intended) in this analogy, Snow is also a faithful friend to his buddy Levi and is one of the most laid back horses in our herd. He is the horse that we turn to when we have kids that don’t understand their own strength, or who have not learned to control it. He patiently endures the rein and leg flappers that we subject him to without batting an eye. He willingly listens to and responds to any child who works on communicating with him, but if the rider is thinking only of themselves, he will ignore their flapping and squawking and wander over to the nearest weed patch, or go stand quietly in the middle of the arena by the mentor. He is the very embodiment of patience.