Birthday: 2003     Gender: Gelding     Color: Grey (White)

Crockett is a giant horse. His head is as long as the average adult’s torso. You would think that because of his tremendous size he would be the instant leader of the herd, and completely unafraid of anything. Such is not the case. Even though Crockett came from a wonderful family who took great care of him and loved him immensely, during his first summer at the ranch he was almost unusable because of the fear induced by his new surroundings. Several times he dragged teenage girls and / or mentors after him as he tried to get away from something that had scared him. However, by the end of the summer, as he became more familiar with his surroundings, and as he was consistently and kindly worked with, he began to improve dramatically. By the end of the summer we were able to lead kids around on him in the arena, and a few brave souls even rode him bareback. It has been a strange thing to watch such a big horse need so much affirmation and care. Crockett has made us more aware of how many people come to our place who look big, fierce, and tough but who are really scared, hurting, and in need of a sense of safety, security and rest. Our prayer is that they can also find peace for their souls and the courage to do what they were created to do.