Birthday: 1995     Gender: Mare     Color: Dark Brown

This little mare stands just over 13 hands high (that means she’s really little compared to the rest of the horses). Since her arrival she has gone through various attitudinal phases. At first she was quiet and quick to avoid trouble – to the extent of avoiding contact with horses and people. As she got more comfortable, she started to push back and was quick to pick fights with her herd members – especially over food. At that stage she was an accurate example of how a person who’s been bullied just because they’re small might end up without God’s intervention. She was so “prickly” that most of the horses avoided her. As a result, she was often by herself. Yet, even with this attitude, God worked through her that first summer to teach kids the importance of trust, kindness, and perseverance. In recent years Dixie was moved into our “old horse” pen where she has gotten along much better with the smaller group of horses. In horse years Dixie is an old lady, and like an old lady, she certainly doesn’t like to be pushed around or harassed by anyone. Her least favorite job is carting around high energy kids who want her to trot and run all the time. Her favorite job is giving pony rides to the littlest visitors at our ranch where she can walk sedately along and enjoy the scenery.