Volunteer Title Descriptions *

Mentor (Session Instructor)

This volunteer must agree with, be willing to sign, and be held accountable to the standards in the Breakaway Youth Ranch Statement of Faith. This volunteer will be scheduled to work with children in a one-to-one capacity. Currently, this will involve working with horses, but we are working on broadening the activities kids can participate in (i.e. woodworking, various craft projects, etc.). These volunteers must be available at least one day each week (Monday or Friday mornings, or Thursday evenings), with greater availability being highly encouraged. This volunteer will also need to attend yearly training in the spring. The amount of kids we serve in the summer is directly proportionate to the number of mentors we have available for sessions!

MINT Mentor

This volunteer works with teens between the ages of 12 & 18 who are enrolled in our Mentor IN Training (MINT) program. Interested volunteers must agree with, be willing to sign, and be held accountable to the standards in the Breakaway Youth Ranch Statement of Faith. This position’s opportunities may include leading Bible studies, group work projects, equine-related activities, etc. The MINTS have requirements they need to fulfill to stay in the program. Volunteer leaders would be expected to help them toward that end. The time commitment for this volunteer is significant, as we require that they be here at least two of the four days that MINTS are out here (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for the girls – or Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon/evenings for the boys). This volunteer will also need to attend yearly training at the ranch in the spring. If you love to challenge teens to grow into what God designed them to be, then this position might be for you!

Greeter / Listener

Warmly welcomes everyone who comes to the ranch. Will offer directions to newcomers, ensure release forms have been completed, and will spend time talking with visitors and participants. This person is open and sensitive to intentionally seeking out those who really need to talk. Often the simple things that show care are what make the biggest differences in a person’s life.

Prayer Team

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that prayer makes things happen (because God is the One who changes hearts and lives). We attribute the current success of the ranch to our faithful prayer warriors. Those who join this team will receive somewhat regular emails with prayer requests and updates.

Play Pal

There is never a shortage of kids on the ranch, and this playful volunteer will serve by playing with them and helping them see that God is GOOD! This may include chasing gophers, roping logs, playing games in and around the Kiddie Corral, or even coming up with his/her own ideas of activities for our young friends. Creativity is encouraged! Often these kids are children of other volunteers and/or younger siblings of kids in the mentoring program. There are various levels of responsibility under this category.


Takes on the task of cleaning our tack room, hang-out area, office, and grounds between buildings. If you tend to be detail-oriented and have skills in organization and cleaning, then this job is for you! The ranch is a very dirty place, and we are pretty sure that some of our visiting kids are chaos-inducing elves in disguise!


This volunteer uses their gift during the summer by capturing important moments in visually appealing ways to help us bring hope, help, and healing to kids in our “off” season. If you have a camera better than a smartphone, some basic abilities, a love of capturing meaningful moments, and a morning or two with time on your hands, we could really use your help!

Green Thumb

Uses skills to maintain ranch plants, keeping them in top shape. This job could include tree pruning, weeding, weed-whacking, mowing, flower planting, watering, deadheading, bug spraying, etc.

Energy Booster / Goody Maker

We are blessed by those who make sure the visitors and volunteers at the ranch stay encouraged and refreshed. This could take the form of a visit to the ranch with yummy snacks in tow, notes of encouragement to volunteers, someone who has a unique story or talent to share with the kids, etc. Use your God-given gift of encouragement!

Power House – Our “work-horse”

For those who like to get out and get moving, the ranch is often full of muscle-building jobs. Work may include bucking hay, building/fixing fences, repairing buildings, moving rocks, cleaning saddles, planting flowers, etc.

Professional Assistance

Often the ranch requires the special skills a professional brings. Below is a general list of professional skill sets we could easily utilize. Please contact us if you are a professional in any of these areas and would like to help the ranch out. If your profession is not listed, but you would like to offer your services anyway, let us know and we will contact you as applicable needs come up.
— Finish Carpenter —         — Electrician —         — Lawyer —
— Mason —         — Excavator —         — Accountant —
— General Carpenter —      — Veterinarian —      — Caterer —


Teaches short (10-20 min) informal classes to children and other volunteers regarding subjects they have mastered themselves. Subject ideas may include: gardening, power-tool safety, auto mechanic basics, equine health care, etc. There are many possibilities. It is our goal to teach our children skills that will help them succeed in life and many skills can be easily taught that empower them in this way.


This volunteer will most likely be active away from the ranch. Some desired character qualities would be: self-motivated, creative, and able to connect with the community.


Uses songs with a positive message to share both a loving heart and musical skill. May use any of a wide variety of instruments to set the mood and provide background tunes. Also, there is a possibility to provide lessons to some of the kids. 


This person uses his/her skills to dream up, construct, and/or maintain the ranch buildings (inside and out), arena, and landscaping. This could include painting, decorating, landscape design, etc.

Memories Maker

Captures memories of the ranch through various means. It could be as simple as putting together a scrapbook of pictures and notes from kids, or as technical as making a film for publication use. This person may work in conjunction with the photographer (or BE the photographer). If you enjoy this kind of creative outlet but have run out of subjects, the ranch may be a good place for some fresh inspiration.

Your Ideas

We have included many ways to volunteer here. However, if there is a specific way you would like to assist the ranch, we would love to hear your ideas. Potentially, we can work together to create a role that fits you and the needs of the ranch well.


* Descriptions adapted from the Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch website,, June 2011, and further revised by BYR as appropriate for our growing ministry.

If you see one or more things that you would like to volunteer for, please fill out our Serving Hearts Application, and we will get back to you!