Birthday: 2001     Gender: Mare     Color: Bay

Angel came to us from another ministry in Montana that used horses to teach kids rodeo skills. Unfortunately, while she was out in her pasture one day she managed to injure her fetlock on some barbed wire. The injury was serious enough that her hoof started to grow incorrectly and was prone to cracking. Her former owner eventually decided that rodeo work would never again be in her future. He contacted us knowing that the horses here get used much more lightly, and in the end we decided to take her. Angel is a beautiful, very easy going horse who loves the fact that she doesn’t have to work very hard to earn her keep here. While her hoof injury occasionally leads to a day or two of lameness, she is a much-loved mount by many of the kids who come visit us. Angel also has the honor of being a registered paint horse without any paint patches!