Birthday: 1999     Gender: Gelding     Color: Sorrel

This giant package of God’s grace arrived on our “doorstep” in late August, 2016. As the picture shows he arrived here with some large, not-yet-healed wounds from his past life. His former owner highly valued him, and claimed him as “the best horse he’d ever had.” However, though he loved this horse, and took the best care of him, one day an accident occurred on his way out of the hills after a pack trip. One of his mules somehow managed to open the trailer door as they were driving down the road. The mule fell out and his halter broke so he escaped with very little damage. Lucky also obediently stepped out of the open door, but his halter didn’t break and he was dragged down the gravel road for a little ways before his owner realized what had happened. The owner spent over a year helping to get him healed up and rehabilitated – often spending time massaging the area around his wound. Despite all his care he realized that Lucky would probably never be able to do the kind of intense riding they used to do in the hills. Not wanting to have that be the end of Lucky’s story, he contacted us and donated him to the ranch. How many of us have been deeply wounded by those who love us – either by accident or because of actual fault? And how many of us let that wound be the end of our story -making any sort of future seem impossible? Lucky is a testimony not of luck, but of God’s care for those of us who have been wounded in life. God “… heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalm 147:3) But like Lucky, we have to be willing to let Him heal the wound from the inside out, and believe that He has a good future in store for us.