Birthday: 1997     Gender: Mare     Color: Dark Brown Bay

Bonnie came to us in the summer of 2020 with her lifelong buddy, Smoky. She and Smoky went everywhere together including many, many miles of riding in the Bob Marshall wilderness. They were raised, trained, loved, and ridden together by the same couple who gave them to us. We always love hearing the unique stories of each of the horses who come here. And while we love all the stories, this one is a lot of fun to tell. In a world where relationships are often transient, and where marriages are falling apart almost more frequently than they are held together, it gives us great joy to be able to tell people about this equine friendship that has lasted for over twenty years. In part, their relationship was made possible because of the faithfulness of their owners. These two horses are living examples of how other peoples choices can affect us – positively.