Birthday: 2000     Gender: Mare     Color: Palomino

Peach is an interesting lady with a fairly unknown background. She came to us from a family we know and love, whose teenage daughter had moved on to other interests in life. Being a rather old horse who has lived a rather full life, Peach came with quite a few aches and pains – especially in her front legs. She even did a running walk instead of trotting when she first arrived because of the pain. Eventually, because of the extent of her lameness (which we tried to counteract with farrier, chiropractor, medication, etc.) , we stopped trying to use her as a riding horse. Now she serves in other ways. Peach LOVES to be groomed, and the teenage MINT girls love to practice grooming, saddling, bathing, and massaging on her. Peach has shown us that even though pain may end one type of lifestyle, it can also open up totally new ways to live and serve.