Birthday: 1996     Gender: Gelding     Color: Blue Roan

Smoky came to the ranch with his lifelong pal, Bonnie in the summer of 2020 – just when we were greatly in need of new, ride-able horses. Smoky is a calm, laid-back, slow moving fellow who we were able to put into our sessions fairly quickly. His “personality” has been consistent across all our programs. He carries the little folks like a champ. He puts up with the more intense older kids, and he does everything with a patient, steady willingness that has helped some of our more anxious guests find a slower rhythm, and room to breathe. Smoky can be a bit of an attention hog in his pen – even shouldering other horses out of the way so he can get more loving. This character trait is an asset in our situation because he makes every child who enters his pen feel like they are sought after and desired. We love to watch smiles pop out on little faces when they realize a big old horse wants to be close to them.