Birthday: 1994     Gender: Gelding     Color: Sorrel

“Levi” is the Hebrew word for “attached.” He, along with his buddy Snow, were donated by a lady who was moving to Arizona and couldn’t take them with her. Even though he and Snow became part of a larger herd where they had the opportunity to make new friends they have never let their former friendship waver. They can be seen most days eating hay side by side, or taking a nap together in their shelter. In a world where there is less and less faithfulness or lasting attachment, Snow and Levi exemplify true friendship in the field and in the arena. Not only is Levi a good friend to Snow, he is also good at showing kids what it takes to build a lasting relationship – commitment, selfless giving, communication, honesty, respect and trust. Levi is one of our tallest horses, and many of the children who come here are initially intimidated by his towering height. But they quickly forget that as they discover his quiet and gentle character. He is especially good with quiet, shy kids, because they find an empathetic friend in him.