Birthday: 2005     Gender: Gelding     Color: Sorrel Paint

“Jasper” is a kind of semi-precious stone, and our Jasper’s original owner made sure we knew that the first time we met him. But what we have come to find out is that this Jasper is ALL precious. There is no “semi” about him! He enjoys people and is often the first horse to come say “hi” out in the pasture. His abundant chestnut mane perfectly frames his large, but cute face, and it’s hard not to fall in love with him at first sight. He is one of the biggest horses in our herd but he doesn’t come across as intimidating because he’s such a gentle giant. He is eager to please and loves to go on trail rides (especially if he gets to move cows). The only reason his owner gave him up was because he and his wife were moving from the country into Bozeman for the sake of his wife’s failing eyesight. He chose to donate him here because he knew he would be useful and loved. Jasper is like his owner and is generous toward all who have contact with him. He has already given confidence to innumerable beginner riders, and we love to hear the shrieks of laughter that come from his back when a child rides his lofty trot for the first time.