Nolan Murphy

Nolan has been on the board since 2010, and is currently our treasurer. He got involved because Brent and Amanda asked him and because he “thought it might be a good idea,” a way for him to serve the Lord in his own neighborhood. He has a Fish and Wildlife Management degree from MSU and did work for the Park Service from the fall of ’69 to the summer of ’75 when he and his wife Sandy moved their family to Cardwell, MT to start a cow business. He was born on a ranch and has ridden horses since he was 5 years old. He and Sandy ranched their own place (next to where he grew up) from 1980 to 2007 when his wife Sandy passed away. Nolan still owns the place, but has decided to retire from having his own cows. Instead he rents the pasture to other ranchers. He also decided to donate 10 acres of land to Breakaway Youth Ranch! He is BYR’s closest next-door neighbor. Nolan likes to drop in to say “hi” to the kids when he’s driving by on his four-wheeler to check his fence or his renter’s cows or out spraying weeds in the pasture. He enjoys going for horseback rides in the hills with friends. He also enjoys playing his steel guitar and will occasionally come play tunes with some folks at the ranch.