Birthday: 1989     Gender: Gelding     Color: Liver Chestnut

What is there to say about an intelligent, fun loving pony? He was given the title “Sir” to offset his small stature, but he doesn’t really seem to need it. Even though he is one of the older members of the herd, he’s not above playing. In the pasture, he instigates play fights, and loves playing in mud puddles. In the arena we have to watch him because he will sometimes take a playful nip at the calves of the person leading him. When the child riding him has control of the reins, we love to watch the interaction between pony and rider. Toby seems to get a fiendish delight out of being belligerent to the belligerent, but also thoroughly enjoys doing whatever is asked of him when it’s asked for politely and clearly. He reminds some of us of Merrylegs from “Black Beauty” (Merrylegs is gentle with the gentle girls, but dumps the obnoxious boys on the ground). Because of his short stature and round back he is also a favorite bareback mount. Whatever we call on him to do he does with his furry little ears pricked forward in seeming delight and with a mischievous twinkle in his big brown eyes. If there was a character of God that he was made to embody, it is JOY.