Birthday: 1996     Gender: Mare     Color: Grey (White)

Izzy came to be a part of our herd on a cold and snowy day in the early spring of 2016. She is a sensitive creature with a ton of personality. Perhaps because of her sensitivity, it took her a while to be willing to trust new people working with her. Because of this struggle, it has been a joy to watch Izzy go from being a self-protective, overly-sensitive horse who only did well with very confident riders to a much-loved bareback mount for some of our smallest, most timid visitors. Her sensitivity is now being put to use in a way that makes her a willing, enjoyable, and fun horse to ride. She is great at teaching kids how subtle communication can be – and how impactful. Word ahs gotten around at the ranch that she is a fun horse to learn to canter (or lope) on, and most days she is chosen for every session. It is also a ton of fun to watch her little Arabian ears perk up with interest when kids walk into her pen with a halter in hand. It is hard not to love a fluffy white “pony” who looks excited to see you.