Birthday: 2010     Gender: Gelding     Color: Dark Brown

Scout lives up to his name by being one of the most curious horses we own. He is quick to investigate strange sights and sounds and seems most content when he is out on a trail ride – where he is typically found at the back of the bunch taking his time looking around at all the sights to be seen. Scout was bred and raised to be a roping horse by a wonderful family in Three Forks, MT. Due to a crooked front leg it became clear early on that he would never get to do what he was bred for. Instead of neglecting him because of his deformity, his previous owner poured time and energy into him to make him all that he could be. When he had finished, he brought this cheerful, laid back horse to Breakaway Youth Ranch where he can make a difference instead of money. Even though he is young, Scout has already pitched in and carried his fair share of kids around the arena. We look forward to many years with this talented young horse.