Birthday: N/A     Gender: Gelding     Color: Dark Grey Dapple

Doc is the little appaloosa who started it all. Prior to coming to Breakaway Youth Ranch (BYR) he was rescued from abuse. The lady who rescued him started working with him to regain his trust. She made some headway but there was still lots of room for improvement when Brent and Amanda purchased him for one of their personal horses. They worked long hours loving on him in an effort to gain his trust and as they did so, they started dreaming up a ranch where hurting kids could work with horses to the benefit of both parties. When they brought BYR into existence they donated a still wary Doc to the work he helped start. Read “Our History” for more details. We watched as, with time, God remade Doc into a new and delightful creature who eventually allowed kids to ride him because he trusted the mentor working with him. And yet, as much as we loved having the new and improved Doc, one of our favorite stories will always be about a troubled, silent young man who was touched by Doc before Doc had learned to trust us. This young man came to the ranch with his sisters and wanted nothing to do with the horses. However, during his chore time he heard Doc’s story and when Brent took him out into the herd, he made it known that all he wanted to do with the horses was befriend Doc. Brent, a little doubtful of the outcome, gave him the go-ahead and then watched in amazement as Doc stood his ground and let the young man come quietly up to him and pet him. Brent stood back and let them help each other. It was beautiful! We hoped God would use him to bring about many more such stories for us to share in the years ahead. To our great sorrow, after a short time working with kids, Doc developed some health issues that made keeping him at the ranch an impossibility. He was in significant pain and the only thing we could do for him was slow down the progress of the disease. After we shed some tears, we made the hard decision to have him put down. He was so special to us and to so many who came out to the ranch. He will always have a place in our hearts and on our webpage.