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    Summer Kickoff BBQ!

    Hi Folks! Please click on the image below to read all about our June 4th, 2016 BBQ! In addition to the information you’ll find on the flyer, we want to invite any of you musically talented people out there to bring your musical instruments for an informal jam session. Hope to see you there!

    Spring 2016 Newsletter

    Happy Spring to all of you! There are lots of exciting things happening this year! Click the image below to read all about them. . .


    Drum Roll Please . . .   BARTIMAEUS! (Otherwise known as “Bart”) Thank you to Brandi, Hannah, and Cody Johnson, and to Holly Potter, Tony McMullen, and Rachelle Wiggins for providing us with the winning name. And a huge thanks to the rest of you for voting! We have had such a fun time with this contest, […]

    Voting Time!

    Good work everyone! We have received lots of wonderful suggestions for this lovable horse over the past month. We wish every one of you could win! However, if we allowed that we would end up with a name like:  “Summer-Swamp-Typhoon-Oreo-Pepper-Ray-Charlie-Horse” I hope you can see how hard that name would be on everyone at the ranch! To avoid certain […]

    Horse Naming Contest!

    We Have a New Horse! ~ And He Needs a Name ~ This average-sized, gentle, 16 year old appaloosa came to us just a few days before Thanksgiving. When Jenny hopped on to give him a quick, bareback, walk / trot test ride, he was quiet, willing, and very gentle about placing his feet on the ground. He was donated […]