Nick & Courtney Peterson

Nick and Courtney live in Three Forks, MT. Nick has been mentoring at Breakaway Youth Ranch since he joined our team as an intern from Montana Bible College in the summer of 2018. He graduated from MBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling in 2019 – and married Courtney a month later. Courtney joined our team in 2018 as a MINT Mentor, and also as a Youth Group leader. She holds a Certificate of Biblical Studies from Arrowhead Bible College in Fishtail, MT. Courtney is currently one of our leaders for the 14-15 year old MINTs, and is enjoying teaching Bible Study skills, horsemanship, and service skills to the young women. Nick and Courtney both continue to help lead the BYR youth group that meets in Three Forks. In 2018 Nick was hired as our seasonal, part-time employee to do grounds maintenance, oversee work projects, and develop the Mustang program, on top of his work as a General Session mentor and youth group leader. Courtney’s horse experience comes from her time serving here at the ranch. She has put in many “behind the scenes” hours to learn more about working with and around horses. Nick’s horse experience comes from his childhood when his grandfather would take him on rides near Glacier National Park. Nick and Courtney both enjoy hiking and playing games with friends. Nick enjoys playing sports – anything from basketball to Frisbee golf – and hunting. Courtney also enjoys skiing, sewing, and eating the results of Nick’s hunting trips. When Nick and Courtney aren’t at the ranch, or serving people in other capacities, or having fun with friends, they put in long hours of work at their “day” jobs. Nick works for Clear Creek Construction in Three Forks. Courtney works independently as a seamstress.